Around the Clock Appliance Repair, LLC

Around the Clock Appliance Repair, LLC was created by a business manager and a retired engineer to provide a level of service currently unavailable to homeowners and rental agencies. With a combined 67 years of experience in business and industry, John Kuhn and Dana Coyne bring a lifetime of Fortune 500 expertise to your door. John has spent 39 years in industry and has built factories, designed industrial processes, and was awarded 15 United States patents for products used on four continents. He has repaired appliances since before his professional career began and holds EPA refrigeration and NASTeC Technician national certifications in appliance repair. Dana holds an MBA and has managed a variety of consumer and industrial businesses bringing together technology, marketing, sales, and customer service with the single focus of delivering the best possible product and service to the customer.

Our customers are our top priority and we want you to feel confident calling us anytime. 

John and Dana vacationed in the Outer Banks for years before relocating here. When they have spare time, they love to bike and kayak and go to the beach with their four children and friends. They are very involved with the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts and are the proud parents of two Eagle Scouts.